Sunday, 7 April 2013

What are the options to Xanthelasma sufferers?

There are plenty of effective Xanthelasmas removal options available, therefore Xanthelasmas camouflage does not need to be a permanent fix, fortunatelly... Most of the options available today do offer an effective solution with very low risks of scarring.

Presently the solutions to Xanthelasma Removal are:

Excision with Surgical Lasers
This type of procedure does not normally cause scarring, however it is normally expensive and time consuming when it comes to find an experienced practitioner who knows how to operate surgical lasers for this procedure. The cost starts from 1000 USD up to a maximum of 5000 USD for both eyes. This is the most expensive procedure just because the costs of Surgical Lasers are quite high.
Although with certain lasers, anaesthetic is not necessary, in most cases it is required.

Excision with the Clarker.
This device can be used by trained clinicians and it does not require the use of anaesthetic. 
It does not leave scars after healing and it is very safe to be used around the eyes. The cost for this procedure normally starts at 1000 USD for both eyes although it can be cheaper. 
The advantage of using this type of equipment is that the procedure can be carried out in the patient's home as the Clarker is a portable device.

Excision with the Hyfrecator.
This procedure is very safe and the operation is very similar to the Clarker. The operator is usually a dermatologist, trained on the correct use of the Hyfrecator. This equipment has been available on the market for a long time. No scars are generally caused by a correct use of the Hyfrecator.
The initial cost of this procedure is in the region of 1000 USD.

Electrocautery equipment.
This is another very good alternative for xanthelasma removal. This type of medical equipment is relatively inexpensive, very effective and many practitioners are able to use it effectively.
The procedure does normally involve the use of anaesthetic. When performed properly it does not cause any scarring to the patient. Costs for this procedure between 1000-2000 USD. 

Manual excision with conventional Scalpel.
This is the most traditional procedure for Xanthelasma removal. It does require anaesthetic and it is highly likely to cause scars to the patient. However cases of successful removal of Xanthelasma without scarring have been reported. The cost for this procedure starts from 1000 USD.

Specialised Peels
Most people who used specialised peels did not need to go through surgery. There is no need for anaesthetic, the treatment is safe and very unlikely to leave scars. Given that this treatment is easily available it is always worth a try. The starting cost for the kit is in the region of 300 USD and this procedure can be safely carried out by the patient himself. 
Therefore it is highly recommended to try a specialised peel before opting for surgery. In the vast majority of cases surgery is not required after using the peel.
In those cases when the Xanthelasmas are particularly thick the specialised peelings have to be applied a number of times before complete removal can be achieved.
These type of peelings can be also performed in specialised Clinics. In the UK, the NHS used to provide these peelings free of charge, before the recession hit the country in 2008. Unfortunately this free service has now been stopped due to necessary budget cuts. 

The recurrence problem.
Xanthelasmas can reappear after removal. This can happen even if the cholesterol levels of the patients are normally low.

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